Want A Perfect First Date? UMEGO Gives You Three Fabulous Dating Ideas

Want A Perfect First Date? UMEGO Gives You Three Fabulous Dating Ideas

Butterflies in the stomach, heart pumping extremely fast, are often the “symptoms” for a first date. You might think that there are no other ideas nor choices besides window-shopping, watching movies and dining together for a “safer” first date. However, if you pay more attention to the personalities and interests of the person you are concerned about, you can definitely explore something new and fascinating! With “a little push to move you”, UMEGO selects a range of activities and dating ideas for you to start with.


1. Cooking / Dessert-making Workshop - Get To Know Each Other Better

Cooking is often a common language between men and women. Some guys are good at making dessert while ladies enjoy desserts. Having a mutual interest is always a good way to get to know each other better. You can learn more about one another while you are tackling the task and cooking together!

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2. Art And Crafts Workshop - A Gift For Each Other

Different types of hand crafting workshops, such as leather-making, handmade paper products and calligraphy, not only enable people to put down their mobile phones and let arts heal one's soul, but also enable you to step forward in communicating with each other by creating a leisurely atmosphere. You may even exchange your final product with your crush at the end of the workshop as a memorial gift.

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3. Day Trip - Social Media Check-in

If you are confident in and enthusiastic about photography, go visit numerous popular check-in locations in the city with your date. You may consider going to PMQ, Tai Kwun and Central market or taking photos of the miscanthus in Sunset Peak and sunset in Ha Pak Nai. Your date will definitely be impressed with all the goddess-sy photos you take. You may also look for different angles and skills on Instagram if you are not confident enough about your shooting skills. Interaction between the two is not solely conversations, but capturing the stunning moments with the best angle sometimes.

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