Beat the rainy-day blues! Explore these indoor experiences in Hong Kong

Beat the rainy-day blues! Explore these indoor experiences in Hong Kong

I know it’s been raining all day (and every day) lately, but don’t let the rainy weather brings your mood down. Cheer up! Just because the weather is less than ideal doesn’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing. Check out our list of the best indoor experiences in Hong Kong to get you through a pouring day – from learning traditional Japanese tea ceremony to getting a home manicure, there is still a great deal of things to enjoy around the city!


1. Dance Away the BluesWhether you're into dancing or just looking to try a new hobby or workout, come and try out different dance classes on UMEGO. From jazz funk to salsa and belly dance, bring out your hidden moves and discover the fun of dancing!

<Unleash Your Inner Self! Ethnic Dance Trial 1 Class (For 2)>

<Double Dutch x Dance Moves! 1 Choreography Class (For 2)>

<Dance Like Beyonce! Get This Jazz Funk Dance Class (For 2)>

<Private 1-To-1 Salsa or Bachata Dance class (For 2)>

<Sculpt Your Waist! Oriental Belly Dance 8 Classes (For 2)>


2. Learn a New Skill

Explore new experiences and learn a new skill from time to time! There are countless things you can learn in your spare time; it can be useful, fun, and can often improve your life — both personally and professionally. Come and explore various workshops and courses on UMEGO!

<Hair Styling 101: Basic Hair Styling Design Course (For 2)>

<Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop HK for Two>

<One-of-a-Kind Hand Drip Coffee Brewing Workshop for Two>

<Bombshell Cake Workshop for 2>

<Cooking Workshop with Local Wet Market Tour For Four>


3. Craft Something Together

Crafts aren't just for kids! Do-it-yourself projects and craft ideas can be so satisfying and soul-soothing. Explore your artistic side and unleash your creativity with pottery making, portrait spray painting, crystal ball DIY and so much more!

<Unleash Your Pottery Skills with this Workshop (For 2)>

<Learn a New Hobby! Pressed Flower Wooden Box Workshop for 2>

<Go and Get Green with this Terrarium Workshop (For 2)>

<Savor your memories! Portrait Spray Painting DIY (For 2)>

<Luxurious Home Décor - Crystal Ball DIY Workshop>


4. Pamper Yourself

The demands of regular life can be extremely taxing on the body. Treat yourself with a manicure or a relaxing home massage today, keep your hands and nails running smoothly, so you can run that half marathon or that day of meetings.

<Get this Luxury Home Manicure Experience>

<Get Pampered with this Home Massage: Home Facial Experience>

<Get a Great Day Spa Package for Two>

<Best Cure for Insomnia - Herbal Spa Treatment>

<Yoga Studio - 100 Credit Package - approx. 12 Classes>


5. New Dining Spots in Town

Discover the newest hot dining spots in town! Whether you are craving for some mouth-watering Japanese yakitori or a signature Sichuan soup pot, we’re here to serve! You can also gather for a family dim sum lunch or enjoy the succulent all-you-can-eat premium beef shabu shabu!

<90-Min All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-Shabu! Premium Beef Set (For 2)>

<Signature Sichuan Soup Pot 5-Course Set Dinner For 2-3>

<Dating Ideas! Mouth-watering Japanese Yakitori Combo (For 2)>

<Classic x Fusion! Exquisite Dim Sum Lunch Set (For 2)>

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